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Peytan Porter Talks New EP and The Importance of Connection

An artist on the rise, Peytan Porter is on track for success. She sat down with The Nash News to discuss her debut EP In My Head, and how she hopes the music will impact fans.

Porter's story began in a small town in Georgia. As a young girl, Porter admits that the best way to receive attention amongst her big family was to pick up a guitar and perform. "I come from a big sports family, and I'm the one that played guitar. I started performing for my friends and family. When i was young, i didn't feel like i could relate to anyone, so that's what drives me to connect with others through my music," says Porter. The desire to reach out to other who feel like they are alone can be felt through every song on In My Head.

With her debut EP coming out today, fans have already had tracks like "Why We Broke Up" and "First Stone" at their disposal. Porter realized that choosing songs for her debut project was a tough task as she had many stories that wanted to be told. "Co-writing is still pretty new to me, but i really loved the experience of choosing which songs actually went into the record," Porter explained.