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Priscilla Block "Me Pt. 2" Song Review

Priscilla Block quickly became one of the more dynamic newcomers in country music. Her new song, "Me Pt. 2," sees the singer embracing her more vulnerable side like never before.

Block rose to fame thanks in part to TikTok, an app that has grown into the place to be for aspiring musicians. Her confidence and whitty sense of humor radiated through to millions of fans. Her song "Just About Over You" resonated with her audience so much that it lead Block to releasing her album, Welcome To The Block Party. Her single "My Bar" is also climbing the charts. It seems as if everything Block touches turns into platinum.

"Me Pt. 2" comes from a place of true heartbreak. It can be hard to put into words what it is like seeing the person you once loved now in the arms of someone else. "Was there something more in her baby blues, you didn't see in mine?, did she give you a little bit more, in bed every night?, I heard she's five foot some change, amazing grace, a little crazy, what is it she does that adds up, that I couldn't do?" That's what has become so special about Block. She is a singer-songwriter not afraid of showing all of the sides of love.