Priscilla Block “My Bar” Song Review

Following Priscilla Block’s authentic and truth-spilling singles “Thick Thighs” and “Peaked in Highschool,” the country music Tik Tok star has yet another relatable song to add to your “getting ready” playlist for you and your girlfriends to jam out to before hitting the bars.

“My Bar” is about Block’s motto that she will never leave a bar simply because someone she does not like is there. Block’s colorful and bold, big hoops and scrunchie high-pony personality is how everyone will feel when they sing along.

“I come here every Wednesday / I love the band, always sit in the same place, cold beer in my hand / They know me by name and my go-to drink / Yeah I come here every Wednesday / Out of the corner of my eye I see the door guy checking your ID / Don’t come walking in like you own it, you own it / I hate to break it to you you don’t, yeah you don’t / You think you’re such a star, but here’s the funny part / No one even know who you are / This is my bar.”

Breakout star Priscilla Block hosted a Tik Tok live for her fans the night of the single premiere where she shared the story of “My Bar.”Before becoming a signed artist, she wrote songs dreaming of who would sing them. At first, she imagined a male artist would sing this song, but changed her mind, saying, “How cool is it for a girl to be like, ‘No, this is my bar!’” she said.

Soon after the release, the Music Row 2021 Next Big Thing Artist and a 2021 CMT Next Women of Country inductee announced the upcoming release of her debut album Welcome To The Block Party.

"My Bar" by Priscilla Block

Block’s debut album follows last year’s six-song self-titled Priscilla Block EP, the highest-performing country female debut EP of 2021. The album will include chart-breaking “Just About Over You,” which peaked at number 81 on the US Billboard chart.

“I cannot believe that my debut album is almost here. It has all the trash, all the sass, and all the sad. But hey, that’s my life, and I’m so excited for the world to finally hear this. I wrote all of these songs from a real and raw place, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to show various aspects of where I’ve been and who I am. Everyone knows that I love a good bar, so ‘My Bar’ felt a perfect place to kick off the new record,” said Block.

Welcome To The Block Party will be available on February 11, 2022. Pre-Order or Pre-Save HERE.

Welcome To The Block Party Track List:

1. Welcome To The Block Party (Priscilla Block, Mark Mulch) 2. My Bar (Priscilla Block, Stone Aielli, Lexie Hayden) 3. Heels In Hand (Priscilla Block, Robbie Artress, Josh Beale, Sarah Jones, Kate Hasting) 4. Like A Boy (Priscilla Block, Sarah Jones, Emily Kroll) 5. I Know A Girl (Featuring Hillary Lindsey) (Priscilla Block, David Garcia, Hillary Lindsey) 6. Ever Since You Left (Priscilla Block, Sarah Jones, Josh Kerr) 7. Thick Thighs (Block Party Version) (Priscilla Block, Emily Kroll, Sarah Jones) 8. I Bet You Wanna Know (Priscilla Block, Stone Aielli, Sarah Jones) 9. I’ve Gotten Good (Priscilla Block, Liz Rose, Phil Barton) 10. Wish You Were The Whiskey (Priscilla Block, Sarah Jones, Josh Beale, Kate Hasting) 11. Just About Over You (Radio Edit) (Priscilla Block, Emily Kroll, Sarah Jones) 12. Peaked In High School (Priscilla Block, Josh Beale, Sarah Jones, Kate Hasting)

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