Priscilla Block Self-Titled EP Review

Priscilla Block just dropped her debut, self titled EP – available everywhere you buy or stream music.

Priscilla Block moved to Nashville right after she graduated from high school and at 25-years-old, she hadn’t cracked the country music industry until finding viral success on TikTok last year. On the popular app, she gained a dedicated following and was able to land a record deal with UMG Nashville. Her song “Just About Over You,” was a huge hit, and Block finally found the credit she deserved after it not only went No. 1 on the iTunes Country Chart, but also reached the No. 1 spot on the iTunes All Genres Chart. She has also managed to amass over 800 thousand followers on TikTok; a number that continues to rise every day. Her self-titled debut EP Priscilla Block is honest, self-reflective, and further proves why she deserves to be a frontwoman of the country genre. 

The six-track EP opens with “Wish You Were The Whiskey.” This was the perfect choice for an opener; it’s upbeat yet brutally honest. Block confesses the heart-wrenching fact that alcohol is comforting her the way someone else once did. At the end of each chorus she exclaims, “And I’m high, it’s rocking me through the night / Keeping me warm, holding me so tight / Finally feeling fine, and then it hits me / I wish you were the whiskey.” The lyrics are relatable and clearly, Block finds herself wanting to move on but she can’t, and she speaks about 80 proof whiskey and fireball as a metaphor for someone who is lending emotional support to her grieving self. 

Priscilla Block

Block’s breakout track “Just About Over You,” follows “Wish You Were The Whiskey” and feels like a continuation of the same story presented in the opener. The EP is consistent, and the third song “Heels In Hand” feels like the next chapter of the saga where she talks about trying to find solace in one-night stands but does so by speaking strictly about her numerous pairs of high heels. 

Track number four “Sad Girls Do Sad Things” is the first true ballad on the project and it’s beautifully stunning. She sings over an acoustic guitar while chronicling what sounds like a personal diary entry. “Sad Girls Do Sad Things” sounds like a reflection of the topics discussed earlier on. She blames her actions on her heightened emotions as she sings, “When you hurt this bad / You’ll do anything to get back to that high you had / Even though you know it’s over.” Later on, she admits, “All I know is this ain’t who I want to be / I guess sad girls do sad things.” This song shines as a vulnerable revelation and proves Block’s songwriting to be extremely raw and truthful. Her lyricism, personability, and the way she’s able to tell stories through her words sets the rising star up for a bright future. 

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