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Priscilla Block ‘Welcome To The Block Party’ Album Review

Country singer Priscilla Block successfully broke into the music industry by utilizing what many other creatives in the 21st-century use: TikTok. After graduating high school, the aspiring songstress headed down to Nashville to kick start her musical career. Welcome To The Block Party is an accumulation of cheek, the gossip, the ups and downs, and everything in between all wrapped up and set free from the nest via Mercury Records. 

The record kicks off with the title track “Welcome To The Block Party;” a punchy, unconventional fretwork topped with a conglomerate of radio hosts and interviewers announcing the singer-songwriter’s name over a mere 20-second block; no pun intended. “Country music’s newest star Priscilla Block” rings out loud and clear as Block’s glossy vocals welcome everybody to the party. 

“My Bar,” written by Block, Lexie Hayden, and Stone Aielli, paints the story of an ex-lover coming to the wrong side of town. The strings deliver an element of sass as Block confesses that the bar is her stomping grounds. “Like A Boy” is soaked with heartache and drips with au courant country configurations. The singer-songwriter wears her heart on her sleeve as she sings, “Ain’t it like a boy to walk away.”

Perhaps the sassiest song of the assemblage is “Thick Thighs” written by Block, Emily Kroll, and Sarah Jones. The song is riddled with humor and topped with a heavy dose of play on words. Its instrumentation is sanguine and pairs with a summertime atmosphere. Even Jillian Michaels gets a shoutout. 

“God bless the Kardashians for bringing curves back / And all the sexy one-pieces hangin’ on the racks / If you can’t handle these love handles you can find me at McDonald’s / And trust me / They’ll be lovin’ it / I can’t be the only one who likes extra fries over exercise / And never eat the produce that I buy / So why even try / You can’t spell ‘Diet’ without ‘Die’ / I’ve been eatin’ carbs since ’95 / And I heard thick thighs save lives.”