Pryor & Lee “Where Whiskey Goes” Song Review

Recording artists Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee prove over and over again that two is better than one. Their new single “Where Whiskey Goes,” released just weeks ahead of their Right Now EP, confirms this once more as the two share the excitement through through the new release.

“It goes down, down, down / Warm and slow / Straight to my head / Before I know it / Then I’m bang, bang, bangin’ on her front door / I had a second chance but I need one more / On comes the porch light / Out comes the baby / I want you bad / Take me back / Miss you like crazy / Down a dead end road / With a big fat ‘no’ / That’s where whiskey goes.”

It’s not just the music video that encapsulates how much Pryor and Lee love creating and performing music with each other, but you can hear it in their voices throughout the song. They belt the catchy chorus in a tune that when we sing along, we can’t help but smile too. The song takes a twist on classic country music, blending heartbreak with drinking to make an upbeat song about whiskey and the journey it takes them on. Written by the duo alongside Chris DeStefano and Josh Hoge, we can’t help but imagine the amusing songwriting process it took to get “Where Whiskey Goes.”

They describe whiskey as going “down, down, down”, quickly followed by them “bang, bang, bangin’” which gives us the perfect, vivid imagery to follow them from the bar to her front door. Through the lyrics, it’s assumed that whiskey makes them do something like this every time they consume it, and they know how it’s gonna go each time, but still they keep coming back for more — both the whiskey and the girl.

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