RaeLynn “Only In A Small Town” Song Review

Rising country music artist Racheal Lynn Woodward, better known as “RaeLynn” was born in Baytown, Texas, and was a contestant on the second season of The Voice. Raelynn’s critically-acclaimed debut album WildHorse made it to the top 10 on Billboard’s All-Genre Album Sales Chart and charted number 1 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart. In 2019, RaeLynn signed to Florida Georgia Line’s Round Here Records and released new music with singles like “Bra Off” and “Keep Up.”

On Friday, August 13th, she thrilled her ever-growing fanbase with the release of a new song that is sure to be a hit titled “Only in a Small Town.”

Country music has a whole lot of honky-tonk anthems for the small-town boys and cowboys but nothing quite as celebratory for the kind of girl molded by a true small-town upbringing. “Only in a Small Town” fills that gap effortlessly with up-beat, fast-paced rhythms and traditional country twang. This super fun track is country story-telling at its best with hilarious examples of how small-town life shapes the unique, one-of-a-kind, authentic country girl.


“Only in a small town does your ex-boyfriend get locked up and knock up your best girlfriend (What?). Spending every bit of my $10.25 an hour to throw her a shower.”

This honest ode to small-town living celebrates all the little ways that smalltown girls are different than other girls and unabashedly unashamed of their roots. Raelynn’s unique feminine grit captures the cheekiness of the refreshingly country lyrics perfectly. You’ll be bopping along to the chorus and giggling at the candid little tidbits that honor that small-town vibe. 

“Only in a small town do you live for Friday. Always take a backroad, never take a highway. You fry what you eat and the tea is sweet. Keep a dog in the shotgun seat. Only in the backwoods. Do you have your first kiss and you catch your first buzz when you catch your first fish. You can look around the whole wide world for a girl like me but we gon’ be only in a small town.”

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