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RaeLynn Releases Two New Songs

RaeLynn released not one, but two new songs this past weekend. “I Love My Hometown” and “If God Took Days Off” will usher in new era of music for the singer.

RaeLynn’s joyous persona is what has made her a fan favorite. The Texas native was featured as a contestant on season two of The Voice. Blake Shelton quickly added her to his team and the two have since forged a deep friendship. She rose to fame with hits like “God Made Girls” and “Love Triangle.” RaeLynn released her latest album, Baytown, just last year but is hoping to give fans more to love with new music. “This music is a continuation of where my heart is,” said the singer.

“I Love My Hometown” is a passion-based song. Her unique voice was meant to sing about all of the things she loves about her hometown. “I love that mom and pop wing stop shop with ten different shades of hot, I love that football field and that wheeling dealing down in that used car lot.” It’s evident that she appreciates where she comes from, and she wants everyone else to feel that as well

“If God Took Days Off” shows the sweeter side to RaeLynn’s personality and sound. It’s a track about her understanding that without God, nothing would be the same. “We wouldn’t be falling underneath the stars, we wouldn’t be feeling the beats of our hearts, skipping like a rock on a river…our paths never would’ve crossed, if God took days off.” Both of these new releases reflect what is important to RaeLynn. "I will always love singing about my hometown and good ole Jesus! These songs are super special and only the beginning of what’s to come.”

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