RaeLynn “Small Town Prayer” Song Review

After her recent pregnancy announcement, country singer RaeLynn has released her new single, “Small Town Prayer:” A song that celebrates her hometown and her faith.

Despite the track’s short runtime, the singer has a lot to say when it comes to little towns and the prayers that are said by the people who live there. In a social media post RaeLynn talked about the touching inspiration behind the song, “I was praying one day and I remembered a moment I was driving in my hometown and I saw this older lady on a porch with her Bible. I began to think about all the prayers she prays everyday and how important they are, and then got to thinking about how I prayed as a kid, never doubting what I would say was too big or small for God.”

“Small Town Prayer” begins with an acoustic guitar and when RaeLynn”s heartfelt vocals pour in, the imagery found in the lyrics become the main focus. RaeLynn, along with fellow songwriters Ben Stennis and Drew Kennedy, capture the small town charm in the first verse by describing crops that need rain, a mama waiting on her front porch, and a hometown team trying to win a big game. She transitions quickly into the chorus where she ends by singing softly, “Nothing hits heaven like a small town prayer.”

RaeLynn "Small Town Prayer"

After the second chorus, the beautiful instrumental is heightened and comes rushing in like a wave; the shimmering sounds in the music are paralleled to RaeLynn’s caring voice singing a stream of “Ooh’s.” Overall, the track just sounds beautifully mixed.

The line that sticks out the most comes in during the bridge where she exclaims, “All I know is where I’m from. There’s something in that Amen.” Once again, through her lyricism, she’s enforcing the importance she feels towards her hometown and the community faith that raised her and that she believes in so strongly.

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