Ray Fulcher Releases Three Brand New Songs

On Friday, June 25th country singer Ray Fulcher released three brand new songs. Fulcher is best known for his sensational songwriting skills and for helping co-write numerous of Luke Combs’ hits such as “When It Rains It Pours” and “Even Though I’m Leaving.” In these new tracks titled “Girl in It,” “Way Out,” and “Bucket List Beers,” Fulcher is able to show off his songwriting skills but this time, he’s also the one lending his voice to the words written.

“Girl in It” is the first of the trio; it’s a wholesome, flirty tune about things boys will do for the girls they’re crushing on. In the second verse, Fulcher paints a scene as he exclaims, “There’s a Romeo in an airport, dozen roses in his hand / Waiting by the window, for that big ‘ol bird to land / ‘Cause that 737 dropping down from heaven’s got a girl in it.” During the verses there’s a slight banjo instrumental that adds great depth to the track. It’s upbeat in tempo with strong guitars and hearty drums in the background during the choruses. After the second chorus in particular, the electric guitar takes center stage with an energetic solo becoming the pinnacle of the listen.

“Way Out” follows “Girl in It.” It envisions the beauty of small town life and just like “Girl in It,” it begins with catchy electric guitar sounds that make the song fun to listen to. The lyrics are picturesque and vivid as Fulcher mentions kids running through sprinklers, a two-story porch, and a “mid-June fescue.” Fulcher also mentions memories from growing up and includes nods to familial roots like “Where his grandaddy came back in ‘38” and “Momma’s house.” It comes full circle when he goes into the bridge exclaiming, “There’s no place like home / When it’s my time to go / All an ‘ol boy can hope / Is that they lay me down underneath an old white oak.”

Ray Fulcher "Girl in It"

The last of the three new records is “Bucket List Beers” where Fulcher documents growing up by noting the different experiences where drinking is involved and how monumental those moments can feel. The first being in high school during the fourth of July, then during prom night, and so on. The track has a youthful and nostalgic feeling. The bridge that transitions into the final chorus highlights the theme perfectly as Fulcher declares, “Like a 12-ounce cold can stamp on time / Marking the highlights of a damn good life / Somebody somewhere tonight is holding one of those that you’ll never forget.”

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