Ray Fulcher 'Spray Painted Line' Album Review

He obtained over 3 billion streams throughout a span of a few years, and 30 million artist streams, plus, four #1 singles which he has co-writing credits on. Harlem, Georgia native, Ray Fulcher is making his name known in country music. He released his newest album titled, Spray Painted Line, this past Friday, June 10th, 2022.

Spray Painted Line is a collection of 17 songs which Fulcher has a songwriting credit on 15 of those tracks. This collection is all in all a feel-good experience. The songs are more along the lines of light-hearted stories. Only a few of the tracks including, “Life Changing Money,” “Hearts To Break,” and “Sorry, Heart,” dance around topics of deeper meaning, with most of the album is upbeat and light-hearted. There are several slow jams on multiple topics. “If You Like Your Boys Like That,” “After The Rain,” and “The Battle Of Betty’s Love” aren’t quite as somber, however, “So Far So Bad,” weighs a little heavier. Meanwhile, “Love Ya Song, Go Dawgs,” is certainly more of a heartfelt lullaby.

The other nine tracks are upbeat, and playful, and will keep your foot tapping along. Some tracks feature electric guitar solos while others get extra sassy. Two of the tracks stand out above the rest with rock-solid hooks, those being “All Gas No Brakes,” and “Sellin’ Cars”. “All Gas No Brakes” is a love song that’s not all the typically slow and mushy- mushy. It's upbeat, lively, and certainly breaks the mold for love songs with the lyrics, “I’m gonna love you all gas no brakes”. “Sellin’ Cars” hits the topic of chasing your dreams and the payoff obtained in finding success.