Rayne Johnson ‘Love Drunk Or Lonely’ EP Review

Rayne Johnson releases six tracks in the heat of the new-country movement, defining the era with hints of classic country, pop, and even R&B. He brings us his sophomore EP, Love Drunk Or Lonely after the fiery release of his initial self-titled EP nearly a year ago. “As all artists understand, it was really tough releasing music in 2020,” said Johnson in a press release. “I was so fortunate that I had the momentum with my song ‘Front Seat’ and fans were so eager to hear my new music. They have been so supportive the past two years and I am excited to continue giving them more music. I hope they love these new tunes as much as I do.”

What goes together better than heartbreak and beer? Rayne Johnson singing about those things in “Somebody With A Broken Heart”. “I’m feeling pretty good for somebody with a broken heart / You’d never even know I was this close to falling apart / Cause I got friends / And I got beer / I got the next round coming ‘round here” is the chorus to our next post-breakup bar crawl pick me up.

“Country Up” draws us into Johnson’s ideal definition of a country-centered world with classic elements like pickup trucks, boots, beer, and Nashville destinations that place us there with him. “Find a field or a river or a honky-tonk / Put a camo Bass Pro snap back on” is an image all too familiar on a typical Friday night on Broadway. In just two minutes and fifty seconds, he convinces all his listeners to “join the club and country up”.

His stand-out, early fan-favorite, “Own It” solidifies his place in just more than the country genre, but the song alone pulls him into an all-new status with unforgettable R&B elements. The catchy lyrics that are relatable to us women and funky rhythm are sure to get us girls hyped up. I can already picture the bachelorette parties screaming out these lyrics in Downtown Nash.

“Girl you own it / Whatever you touch turns gold / Everybody knows it / Somehow I get to take you home / And see you slippin’ on your ripped up college t-shirt / Victoria wishes she knew your secret / Cause you just own it / My heart, My time, My love”

Johnson slows it down with his title track “Love Drunk Or Lonely” and power-ballad “That’s What Love Does”. “Love Drunk Or Lonely” describes not only himself with the title, but reveals an intimate relationship throughout the vulnerable lyrics. “That’s What Love Does” is sure to headline wedding videos. Johnson curated a classic love song with help from writers Joe Jordan, Gary Baker, and Greg Barnhill. He defines his version of love through lyrics, “It makes you fall / It picks you up / It makes her all you’re dreaming of / It twists, it turns / It heals, it hurts ya / It’s the only thing / That makes you pack your bags and leave / Cry and see she’s all you need / You run to her and can’t believe / The way she lets you back into her arms / That’s what love does”.

He ends his album short and sweet, with the invitation of “Vacation”. With Sam Hunt collaborating as a writer, and the southern twang Johnson won’t let us forget, he packs us up in his suitcase and takes us on vacation with him. Love Drunk Or Lonely is guaranteed to be a new-country staple from beginning to end that will follow in Johnson’s highly anticipated success for years to come.

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