Renee Blair “Turn Up The Night” Song Review

On the verge artist, Renee Blair released her new single “Turn Up The Night” on Friday, August 27. The song was written by Kane Brown, Corey Crowder, Matt McGinn, and Jordan Schmidt. Schmidt, who also produced the song, has worked with acts like Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line.

Blair made the move to Nashville at just 15 years old. After a series of accidents that left her jaw wired shut, she posted videos of herself singing that quickly went viral. The videos caught the attention of power players such as Shane McAnally and LA Reid. The singer-songwriter has achieved over 21 million global streams and was named one of CMT’s Next Women of Country. Blair has even found time to host her own radio show “YoCo” on Nashville’s genre-less station 96.7 FM.

“Turn Up The Night” is the perfect pre-game party song. Country radio has been in need of a new female anthem, and Blair manages to deliver just that. The up-tempo track has a pop feel while the bass drum kick can be felt throughout. Blair speaks for a lot of young women looking to have a good time when she sings “if we’re going out, ain’t gonna be quiet.”

Blair has a vocal tone with evident versatility. Whether it’s a carefree song like “Turn Up The Night” or an emotional ballad, anyone can hear the authenticity in her voice. She sings what she feels and says what she thinks. The lyrics of this song are destined to be sung by young women everywhere. “It’s finally Friday, thank God we made it, I told that teller to cash that paycheck.” Blair is set to make a splash with a radio-perfect party single.

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