Restless Road “Growing Old With You” Song Review

Pop country music trio, Restless Road, consists of Colton Pack, Zach Beeken and Garrett Nichols. After Pack and Beeken finished fourth place in the 2013 season of The X Factor, they went onto sign with Kane Brown’s record label in 2020, releasing their debut EP which skyrocketed to the top ten charts. Restless Road’s “Growing Old With You” is their first single of the new year, in anticipation for future projects that the coming year holds.

“‘What ya say we put us down some roots / Find a house up on a hill / Travel round the world / Put some pictures on the shelf / Hold you close and keep the faith / Raise some kids with our last name / Well, come on, baby, what you say we do / I feel like growing old with you / Growing old with you”

Written by Charles Kelley and Jordan Reynolds, “Growing Old With You” is a slow pop country ballad that showcases each of the men’s voices and sounds wrapped in a sweet love story. The track begins, “Girl you stole my heart and changed it / Took all of my plans and rearranged ‘em / Now I finally know what amazing grace is / When I look into your eyes / Baby, I see my whole life”. The lyrics themselves feel like a marriage proposal, in which the man is imagining his future with his hopeful wife, promising commitment and stability until their dying days.

With nostalgic features like mentions of that house up on the hill, old pictures in frames, and children growing old, it’s everything that a song like this needs. They give us vivid illustrations that are easy to come to mind like sitting on a wrap-around porch with your person watching the grandchildren play in the yard, and the further feelings of peace and fulfillment in those moments that a life led by love and faith has lent them.

“Maybe one day our babies go / And have some babies of their own / And you’ll get all my time / Till all my time is through / I feel like growing old with you’”

Restless Road’s first single of the new year promises a deeper side from the trio, along with the same country music nostalgia they gave us with their first hit, “Take Me Home”, an homage to the John Denver classic. Pack, Beeken, and Nichols take us back into the past with first love butterflies, and the future with life-long vows, all in their newest single, “Growing Old With You”.

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