Restless Road “Headlights” Song Review

Breakout country group known as Restless Road released their latest single “Headlights” on Friday, September 3rd. Comprised of Zach Beeken, Colton Pack, and Garrett Nichols, the band looks to further the momentum they’ve been creating over the last year.

Restless Road released their self-titled debut EP in 2020 to rave reviews that included a collaboration with Kane Brown. The band first met Brown while they were all contestants on the X Factor. Brown signed the band to his label under Sony and the rest is history. Social media has fully embraced the three singer-songwriters who have amassed over two million followers on TikTok alone. Previously released singles, “Bar Friends” and “Hometown Tonight,” are doing exceptionally well with high streaming numbers.

The new track, “Headlights” is a melodious ear-worm that allows for the band’s vocal abilities to come alive. Once heard, it’s hard to get it out of the head. The song is about a breakup and not being able to get over someone; a universal experience. The group sings about knowing that the feelings are in the past, but the idea of that person is still very much at the forefront just like a headlight. “Everything we had is in the rearview, but baby I can’t get you out of my headlights.”

The style of the band speaks to the future of country music. The elements of heart and truth are presented in the lyrics as “Headlights” is produced to fit the current radio landscape. “Girl you’re every damn road, wherever I’m turning, the way I’m letting go, I guess I ain’t learning.” Their youthful and down-to-earth demeanor proves they have even more left to give. Restless Road is set to join Jordan Davis on Brown’s tour this fall, so fans will have time to learn this song by heart before they take the stage.

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