Restless Road “Hometown Tonight” Song Review

Restless Road released a new single today, July 23rd, 2021. From Nashville, Tennessee, this band is known for their song with Kane Brown titled, “Take Me Home”. Their newest single, “Hometown Tonight” is a song of reminiscent of the simple life with an upbeat twist. The intro is simple and open leaving a lot of space for growth.

This track starts with a picked guitar and vibey steel guitar, as warm, deep vocals enter the scene. Sooner than later, percussive drum sticks give the track a push keeping that upbeat feel while butter-smooth harmonies sway around the background. With every measure, the space in the verse gets closer and closer to a full sound. The kick comes in with four on the floor creating the tension we all know and love. Just in time, the chorus bursts through with a satisfyingly large sound that makes you want to move. 

The second verse mirrors the first but varies slightly, sprinkling in instruments as we get closer to the chorus. Then that break brings the track to a complete halt before the second chorus hits harder than the first. Restless Road teases with a small guitar solo which shifts to the open, spacey feel just before throwing listeners right back into the chorus. The track finishes up with background vocals and guitar bouncing around. This song has a great balance of space and complexity. The ebb and flow of tension and release makes this track feel so good. It’ll quickly end up on your road trip playlist, setting a great tone no matter if you’re cruising down back roads, or flying down the highway “crossing county lines”.

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