Riley Green ‘Behind The Bar’ EP Review

Singer/Songwriter Riley Green’s seven song collection titled BEHIND THE BAR was released today, July 2nd. The collection includes “Behind The Bar” the focus track of this album. This upbeat party song will have you jamming all summer long.

Second up is “That’s What I’ve Been Told”. It keeps you bobbing with the railroad tempo chugging along just like a train. With beautiful imagery, this track hones in on the experience of life and common sayings that we’ve all been told but may not whole heartily believe.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing songs and one of the biggest tools I’ve used over the years to shape my songwriting is playing those songs on the road for fans and gauging their reactions,” explains Green in a press release. “I’m looking forward to releasing BEHIND THE BAR and getting to play those songs on the road this summer.”

Riley Green Behind the Bar

Next in the collection is the nostalgic ballad “If It Wasn’t For Trucks”, followed by an absolute slap of a track “Put ‘Em On Mine”. Between Green’s talent and the production on this track, this upbeat love song will be a favorite for months to come. After that is ”That Was Us” (featuring Jessi Alexander) a duet reminiscing on young rebellious puppy love. The sixth track on the list, “I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave,” is tucked into the end of the collection. This ballad of regret and a lost relationship will tug hard on your heartstrings. Finally, he ends the project with a patriotic ballad called “That’s My Dixie”

Just in time for the 4th of July, these songs are memorable, patriotic, and emotional. Every track is dripping with passion. This collection, well thought out, will take you on a journey. Green pulls in you with the party songs, keeps you hanging with the love songs, and by the end, you’ll be reminiscing on a time in your life when you never felt better. Hang on and enjoy the ride while Riley Green serenades you with his strong vocals and refreshing real-life writing style.

BEHIND THE BAR TRACKLISTING 1. Behind The Bar (Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Randy Montana) 2. That’s What I’ve Been Told (Riley Green, Chris Dubois, Bobby Pinson) 3. If It Wasn’t For Trucks (Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Randy Montana) 4. Put ‘Em On Mine (Riley Green, Wyatt McCubbin, Jonathan Singleton) 5. That Was Us (featuring Jessi Alexander) (Riley Green, Jessi Alexander, Thomas Rhett) 6. I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave (Riley Green, Brent Cobb, Adam Hood, Scotch Taylor) 7. That’s My Dixie (Riley Green, Jessi Alexander, Randy Montana)

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