Riley Green Releases Two New Songs

Fan favorite Riley Green gave fans another reason to smile over the weekend. The singer released not one, but two new songs titled "Miles On Main" and "Wild Woman."

Green is known for bringing back the style of country music that many would associate with Tim McGraw or George Strait. Fans have come to appreciate his authentic lyrics that remind them why they love country music. Green is probably most well-known for his songs "I Wish Grandpa's Never Died," and "There Was This Girl."

"Miles On Main" is a tribute to the small-town experience Green treasures so much. Its simplicity allows for the singer-songwriter's voice to really shine. "We all swore that the world dropped off, two roads south of that baptist cross, so we always turned around at that welcome sign, we'd head on down to set up shop, in that back of that Hardee's parking lot."

"Wild Woman" is one of those tracks that is made to be performed for a live crowd. The instrumentals from the guitar riffs to the violin, allow the song to take on a life of its own. Green sings about being driven crazy about someone. "Lord knows you're a wild woman, you're a natural, one of a kind, you're a wild woman, girl you know you drive me wild, wild woman." Safe to say these two new tracks will continue to keep his fans happy.

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