Rob Georg "We'll Climb This Mountain" Song Review

Rob Georg may have started his path to country music at a later stage in life, but this German-born singer-songwriter has always had the heart of a cowboy through and through. Georg used to be a professional equestrian and went on to dream of producing country music in Nashville. When he met country music artist Kristin Smith in June 2018, she inspired him to turn his dreams into reality. With Smith’s guidance and help, Georg started recording and publishing his very own songs.

When his first singles were released that same year, country music fans and critics from all around the world were bulldozed by Georg’s talent and fell in love with his sound. All four of his radio releases hit number one on various US radio charts and he won the New Music Award in 2020 for “Breakthrough Country Artist of the Year” as well as the Fair Play Country Music Red Carpet Award in the “Amazing Male Voice Original Country Pop” category in 2020 and in the “Best Song of the Year” category in 2021.

Covid-19 and travel bans slowed Georg down a little and his parents fell ill around the same time. Georg is committed to taking care of his ailing parents so he writes songs at night to continue chasing his dreams. His latest release “We’ll Climb This Mountain” dropped on March 18th and was inspired by his dad’s courageous battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

While this track is an apt song for much-needed Parkinson’s awareness, it is also a cleverly written, original take on the relatable tale of the circle of life. While the father’s “grip slippin’” and “hand and his face shakin’” are particular to Parkinson’s, those lyrics also describe the almost-universal experience of watching our parents age as children go from the ones being carried through life to the ones doing the carrying.

“He had a hard-grip on the reins as he led me up the rocky mountains, singing all the way / Daddy never was afraid, he never lost his balance, never led me astray / Then one night, when he and I were drinking, his hand and his face started shaking / And I knew he would never be the same / And I promised him that I would take the reins.”

From the very first line, the listener can detect strength in Georg’s vocals humbled ever so slightly by an emotional tinge of a foreboding sadness. He has a natural, very old-school grit to his country twang that contrasts the poppy elements and sentimentality in a complementary way. Georg’s lyrics and weighty vocals convey deep gratitude for the time he has had with his father mixed with a sense of urgency to hold onto him and make sure he doesn’t let him fall.

“We’ll climb this mountain just like we used to, we’ll cross this river, this time I’ll pull you through. / Though life is rocky and your grip is slippin’, we’ll climb this mountain. We’ll climb this mountain.”

Georg uses repeated echoing through the chorus of the “nanananana” from singing with his dad as they climbed the mountain when he was a boy. That youthful element pulls at the heartstrings reminding us that this grown man taking care of his ailing father will always be the father’s little boy.

“We’ve had some hard years but some good days, and I hold on tight to every word that he says / Thought we lost him once or twice but somehow he comes back to life even though it's getting harder to fight / I’ll make sure you’re steady just hold onto me you can never keep a good man down.”

Ultimately, “We’ll Climb This Mountain,” is a great country song about the unbreakable bond between a father and his son.

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