Robyn Ottolini “Say It” Song Review

Singer-songwriter Robyn Ottolini released her latest single “Say It" on Friday, June 3rd. Ottolini hails from Canada and continues to assert herself as the next breakout Canadian country star.

She began writing songs by the age of 13, even though not all of them were soon-to-be hits. “It was one of those, “I’m gonna rule the world” songs. I was really into Hannah Montana,” she said per her website. Ottolini became heavily influenced by Kacey Musgraves and goes on to credit the singer for opening up her eyes as to the kind of music she wanted to make. During the pandemic, Ottolini's “Sincerely Drunk Me” went viral on TikTok. She has since released songs such as “Trust Issues” and “Daddy’s Daughter.”

“Say It” is a bold song quite unlike what is currently out on country radio. It is equal parts empowering and fun to listen to. By the time the chorus hits, the melody feels similar to that of Taylor Swift’s “Picture To Burn,” while still feeling fresh and new.

It begins as a love letter to someone, only to realize it’s actually now a love letter to oneself. It goes to show that there can be so many things to love about someone, but if they don’t treat you right, none of the other stuff matters. “I hate that he messed up my head / When I

could’ve used a compliment / So I take the shit I wish he’d say / And say it to myself.” "Say It" feels like an anthem for a new generation, and time will see where it takes Ottolini.

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