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Roman Alexander and Ashley Cooke “Between You & Me” Song Review

Between having over 6.3 million likes on TikTok, co-founding an influencer house in Nashville with other country musicians, and having her song “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night” be produced by GRAMMY Award winning Jimmy Robbins and go No. 1 on the Country Itunes chart, Ashley Cooke is well on her way as a prominent, rising country artist. Her latest feature is on Roman Alexander’s single “You & Me” as the two turn Alexander’s already successful single into a sultry duet.

Between You & Me Roman Alexander Ashley Cooke

Alexander, another strong up-and-comer, has had major success with “You & Me;” it already has over eight million streams on Spotify and made it into the Top 10 on Rolling Stone’s Trending 25 chart. In the original, Alexander is gushing over a girl he wants to be intimate with. The duet version is more lustful as the lyrics were changed in the second verse (now sung by Cooke) to present a flirtatious conversation between the two main characters in this love story. Instead of, “Girl, you know me like no one / It’s like you get done up to get me undone” Cooke sings, “Boy, you know me like no one / You know I get done up to get you undone.” The lyrics give a sense that listeners are hearing the innermost, secretive thoughts of the two. Not only does the storytelling in the verses fit well, but their voices sound as if they were meant to go together.

The track starts with an acoustic guitar and what sounds like punchy finger snaps in the background before Alexander’s smooth vocals come in to pick up the pace. As the chorus comes rushing in after the short first verse, the two harmonize beautifully together and Cooke’s lower register is an extraordinary addition. The way their voices complement each other is what helps the duet version of the song set itself apart and above the original version.