Ronny Criss “Ten and Two” Song Review

Up and coming artist Ronny Criss released his brand new single “Ten and Two” on Friday,

March 25th. The song is being released ahead of his debut double album Highways. “Ten and Two” will be featured on Side A of the double album slated for August 27.

Signed to Rainfeather Records, The singer-songwriter was born in Arkansas but raised in Chicago. Criss draws his musical inspiration from both country and rock. He has written for the country duo Indigo Summer as well as several emerging artists on the Nashville scene. A lover of the classic American sound, Criss recorded his upcoming album in the famous Blackbird Studios in Nashville. Criss hopes that people will connect with his lyrics while the backdrop of the American highway is visualized in their minds.

“Ten and Two’” is a monster track of mystery, mood, and groove about the general pressures and anxieties of life accented by soaring rock guitars and rumbling drums,” says Criss. The song truly does take the listener's mind on a journey mastered by Criss. The overall feeling and vibe places you right in the driver’s seat. Elements of rock and country are intertwined like the great artists of the '60s or '70s had done.

Criss is able to write the lyrics and melodies that the likes of Eric Church would be proud of. The title of the tune is derived from the popular idea that you should keep your hands at ten and two on the steering wheel. “With one hand on the wheel, and the other one out the window, trying to get a little air, every time I see myself looking back through the mirror, I wonder if someone’s there, I got a soul that’s running on empty, I got a tank that’s running on fumes, in a world that’s made to run all over you.” Criss sets his sights on getting his fans to a higher level of understanding the world around them, and that is the beauty of country music.

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