Ross Copperman Chats About ‘Somewhere There’s A Light On’ EP

Ross Copperman has made a name for himself as one of Nashville’s go-to songwriters and after years of what he describes as “helping others find their voice,” he is now “relearning how to find [his] own voice again” as he steps back into the artist role.

The four-time BMI Songwriter of the Year originally began his musical journey as an artist signed to a U.K. label, but found his home for the past 12 years in penning songs for top artists including Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, Kelsea Ballerini, and Blake Shelton, among countless others. Over the years he has racked up No. 1 hits and a long list of awards and nominations, but now Copperman is stepping out from behind the song to let his own voice be heard.

“It’s been very cathartic for me to make this,” says Copperman of his newly released EP Somewhere There’s A Light On.“ I came to Nashville as an artist and now it’s very full circle for me…It feels so good to do it. It’s making me a better writer because sometimes you can just weave in and out of songwriting and you start losing your love of it…This has really helped me to stay inspired and excited.”

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After slowly rolling out these songs, his full five-song EP is finally here and ready for the world to hear.

The highly awarded songwriter and producer is no stranger to the recording studio, working with a plethora of artists to bring their visions to life, but this time Copperman is becoming the voice behind the mic, rather than the one behind the scenes.

“It’s fun to be making decisions for myself that I know that I’m going to be putting out there and I’m going to have to stand behind these myself,” shares Copperman. “…It felt good to make these decisions knowing ‘Wow, my name is going to be on this. People are going to hear this as me, as my voice’…”

True to his nature he was very involved in all aspects of the project, co-producing the EP alongside the talented Alex Mendoza and co-writing all five songs with hit songwriter friends including Jordan Reynolds, Emily Wiseband, Johnny McDaid, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Ashley Gorley, and Ed Sheeran. While he’s primarily known for his work within the Country genre, the Virginia native used innovative beats and production, well-crafted lyrics with an interesting point of view, and addicting pop melodies to create a collection of songs that he describes as “light, encouraging, and Southern Pop.”

The title track “Somewhere There’s A Light On” embodies Copperman’s spirit and how he strives to live his life each day.

“‘Somewhere There’s A Light On’ is a song I wrote years ago,” explains Copperman. “That title is just who I am as an artist. That is like me as a human being, like looking on the bright side, like trying to encourage people. That’s just like my M.O. in life. I always knew that song was like the song.I always secretly hoped it never got cut so that I could put it out.”

The songs “Electricity” and “Therapy” are particularly special ones for Copperman. They came out of a songwriting session with Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid. Sheeran provided Copperman the encouragement to record the songs and reassured him of his idea to open up the door to release music again as an artist.

“…We wrote “Electricity” back-to-back and then “Therapy” next, and then another song that nobody has ever heard yet,” remembers Copperman. “I just heard those two songs “Electricity” and “Therapy” and was like ‘Oh my God, I have not loved two songs as much as these in a long time,’ and they sat around for about a year and I pitched them to a lot of artists, and they just didn’t seem to land in the Country space. So, I went to Ed and I was like ‘Ed, what would you think if I put these songs out?’ which was a super scary email to write.”

Sheeran replied with full support and excitement for Copperman pursuing his dream of being an artist. With what Copperman describes as receiving Sheeran’s “blessing,” he felt it was a defining moment that encouraged him to move forward with this project.

In addition to “Somewhere There’s A Light On,” “Electricity,” and “Therapy,” the EP is rounded out with tracks “Not Believe,” a heartfelt anthem about one’s love for another being so strong and significant that it leads to the reassurance and belief in a higher power and “Holdin’ You,” an upbeat track about the power of connection and chasing a love that one knows to be true, even if it is not forever.

When it comes to the message of this EP, Copperman seeks to bring encouragement to the world.

“I just want people to feel inspired and motivated,” explains Copperman. “…’Somewhere There’s A Light On” is my life motto, that no matter how bad things feel and seem there’s always a light on somewhere in the world. I just want to encourage people with this…Finding your therapy, whatever version of your therapy is. Whether it is with a horse or whether it’s ballet…What is your version of therapy? Your love is my therapy. Who is your electricity in your life? You know, mine is my wife. Finding that and having gratitude for it…‘Not Believe’ is another one. It’s like, how can you not believe in a higher power when you look into the eyes of the one you love?…”

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