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Ross Ellis “I Wish You Would” Song Review

Written the same day as the epic Nashville solar eclipse back in 2017, Ross Ellis tells us the story about getting together with his two best friends Michael Whitworth and Dan Fernandez to write his next release, “I Wish You Would” which is available everywhere today, June 4th.

“I Wish You Would” is a fun, rocking song about the physical parts of a breakup, whereas his previously released song “Ghosts” focused more on the spiritual parts of what you go through. Ellis explains exclusively to The Nash News, “We tried to do a little Third Eyed Blind meets indie and of course the steel guitar country stuff, and hopefully, it’s something a little different that pushes the boundaries a bit.”

His rich southern drawl shines, showcasing the Louisanna native’s roots while remaining fresh and current. Knowing all the while that the current relationship is toxic, Ellis tells us “It’s all part of the journey and learning, learning what love is and what it’s not and I just thought it was a cool, fun way to spin it.”

Looking ahead, Ellis has a plan to release even more music later this year. Until then, listen to “I Wish You Would” here.

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