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Runaway June Talks New Era and "Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)"

A female trio in country music is hard to come by. That's why Runaway June has continued to make an impact in country music. The band has seen changes come their way over the years as well. Jennifer Wayne, the granddaughter of John Wayne, is the only original member left. Now, Natalie Stovall and Stevie Woodward round out the trio. With a new single and a fresh perspective, Runaway June is ready to embark on a new era.

After band members have come and gone, Wayne felt that there was no way Runaway June should disappear. For Stovall being a new edition in 22o, she was more than ready. "It's so exciting. Coming into a new situation you never know what to expect. The girls and I just clicked really quickly. We've spent the last six months creating and working new music, so for it to be so close to being released is really exciting," says Stovall.

"Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)" is the fun breakup anthem so many look for when feeling down. For the trio, it was a no-brainer when choosing it as the lead single. "I think out of the three of us I was immediately drawn the most to it, probably since I've probably done the most stupid stuff when brokenhearted," Wayne shares before going on to say, "We've all gotten our hearts broken and none of us take ourselves too seriously. If someone else relates to it, that's the whole point of music." Woodward, the newest member who joined as the lead singer in April 2022, also chimed in adding, "We love to try stuff out live and see how people connect to songs, and people, especially girl groups, loved this song."

When asked what this brand-new single can lead fans to think about future music, Wayne notes, "I feel like it's super musical." She continues, "These two girls (Woodward and Stovall) play every single instrument and they're actually playing the instruments on our songs. That's pretty rare in Nashville. I think that's so badass," shared Wayne.

Woodward also explained that for "Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)" the girls didn't take themselves too seriously which adds to its playfulness. "This was the track that we experimented most on. It's so fun to mess around and try new things."

"Change can be really difficult, but it can also be really beautiful. When you try to fight change you can hit a wall, and sometimes when you embrace it, it turns into something even better," Wayne exclaims as she thinks about the journey the trio has taken. With that in mind and a new song that signals a bright future, this new iteration of Runaway June can soar to even greater heights.

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