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Russell Dickerson Self-Titled Album Review

Russell Dickerson is ready to show fans a more personal side to him. The singer has released his third self-titled album, and it contains some of his most honest work to date. Here, he continues to prove why he is a multi-platinum-selling artist.

Dickerson co-wrote all 15 tracks and co-produced the album alongside some of Nashville's heavy hitters. Josh Kerr, Dann Huff, Zach Crowell, Casey Brown, Ben Johnson, and Alysa Vanderheym helped to capture Dickerson's vision. While eager to show more depth to his music, the Tennessee native still wants to remind everyone he hasn't changed. “I’m still the hyper, outgoing, fun-loving, crazy dude on stage. But also these songs are so meaningful to me. It's not all hype and smoke and lights. I am a songwriter, I trust my instincts, and now my instincts are telling me to share 100-percent me, and creatively just let it flow,” shared Dickerson in a press release.

The use of attention-grabbing hooks and catching melodies has never been more evident than in this project. Dickerson seems to know exactly what the radio wants to hear. "Sorry" displays this beautifully. With one listen, it's easy to feel the euphoria Dickerson is singing about. "I Still Believe" would also be a soaring single contender. He sings about the parts of life he holds most dear, all while making it an anthem for many. "I still believe that the best kind of road is a road with no lines and no name / And the best kind of truck is the one you crank up in, and run a mile away."

Dickerson has never been one to shy away from tapping into his pop-country side. "18" embodies that sound along with a message about wishing you had met someone sooner. "If I knew you at 18 / We'd be main street / Windows down all summer singing, one headlight." "She's Why" explores a more sultry style, which suits his voice perfectly. Dickerson details all the reasons why his love is so important to him.

"God Gave Me A Girl" is the stand-out love song on the album. With each line he vocalizes, Dickerson has his sights set on letting the world know he is in love. He takes the feeling of being in love a step further by thanking God for putting his wife into his life. "Never ever really gave love a thought / Man as soon as I swore it off, / God gave me a girl / Girl gave me a kiss / Kiss gave me a feeling that I still get."

Whether it's the hip-hop sound of "She Likes It" or "All The Same Friends," or the acoustic nostalgia of "Blame It On Being Young," Dickerson succeeds in carving his own lane.

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