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Russell Dickerson Talks New Summer EP 'Three Months Two Streets Down'

After the success of his self-titled record that came out in late 2022, which featured hits “She Likes It” and “God Gave Me A Girl,” country singer Russell Dickerson surprised fans and listeners with a summer EP titled Three Months Two Streets Down. The project is made up of coastal-sounding tunes that radiate a blissful and carefree aura, some of the tracks Dickerson had been sitting on for years. The singer-songwriter shares, “These songs have happened so gradually. Instead of just throwing a couple summer songs on an album, I just wanted to give these songs a chance to be heard and not be buried on a 15-song album.”

The title of the project comes from a line in the focus track “Ride The Wave” when Dickerson sings, “She only here for the summer / Stayin’ on the couch at her best friend’s house / Three months two streets down, yeah.” The line captures the fleeting feeling that comes with summer. “Ride The Wave” itself has a strong sense of nostalgia with layered background vocals paired with twangy synths.

The whole EP is pretty much based around “Ride The Wave” as Dickerson admits, “It needed to have its own moment.” He wrote it with John-Luke Carter and Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay. The country duo was actually meant to record it. “It never ended up happening and I’m so glad it didn’t because now I get to have this as basically the title track of this EP.” The collaborators had written it nearly four years ago.

Even though there is a standout track on the project to Dickerson, it isn’t meant to be a single. And there’s no real goal to have the project become a huge monetary success. “For me, it’s so much freedom,” Dickerson exclaims. “What if we put something out that didn’t have to have a single? That didn’t have to be on country radio. We worked really hard on it to find this sound that isn’t typical. We didn’t use a studio. We didn’t use a band. We didn’t use a drum kit. That was intentional. That’s how I started making records.” He specifically mentions the ending track “SMR LV” which he made in a small room by himself. The outcome of that song was a pro