Sam Grow “Better Than Me” Song Review

Up-and-coming artist Sam Grow has been hard at work on releasing new music for his fans. While Grow’s career is still developing, he is no stranger to success in the industry. Grow’s 2019 album, Love and Whiskey debuted at the top of the charts on iTunes, but his passion for music started at an early age. This passion led to the success that he enjoys now as a rising country music star.

Growing up, Grow was influenced by his father and began to write songs at just 10 years old. A few years later, he became a published poet. Grow even performed with massively famous hip-hop and R&B artist Kanye West, thanks to his background in several music genres, like blues and hip-hop. Grow is a versatile artist. His voice and songwriting abilities capture real human emotions, like love, loneliness, and everything in between.

Grow’s newest song, “Better Than Me,” tells a bittersweet story about watching an ex move on. Grow sings about his past lover and hopes that her new partner is “better than him.” He laments on how he couldn’t be enough for her, singing that she “deserves someone who doesn’t live out of suitcases” and “isn’t always traveling.” This song shows the struggle that many entertainers, like musicians and actors, face when trying to develop relationships. Long-distance relationships are difficult to maintain, and when entertainers are traveling for their passion, they often have to decide between following their dreams and building roots at home.

Sam Grow Better Than Me

Grow’s fans will appreciate that “Better Than Me” is a testament to his skills in poetry and storytelling. His ability to tell a story through the lyrics and with his voice is what has made him a successful artist. Listeners don’t just listen to “Better Than Me,” but they also feel the song.

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