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Samuel Herb Teams Up with LimeWire

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Samuel Herb announced he is teaming up with Limewire in a new partnership deal. He will be featured as a LimeWire Lime Light Emerging Artist.

Hailing from Florida, Herb had previously placed second in American Songwriter Magazine's Lyric Contest. After deciding to embark on a career as an artist and not just a writer, he released his debut single "Dirty." The song found itself in the top 10 on iTunes. He released his debut EP in 2019 where each of the six songs showcased his artistry in different ways. In 2020, Herb released the single "Just A Tree" which paired alongside his tree-planting initiative. Herb always seems to be one step ahead.

The partnership features an exclusive NFT collection including a digital graphic with unlockable content, one exclusive song (a preview of Herb's first single from his upcoming debut album), access to one Herb show per year, and access to a Herb Discord channel.

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