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Sam Williams 'Glasshouse Children: Titled Crown' Album Review

Son of Hank Wiliams Jr and Grandson of Hank Williams, rising country act Sam Williams is turning pain and trauma into something beautiful. His deluxe version of his debut record, Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown is a unique and beautiful LP that tells the story of the ups and downs of growing up, dealing with love and loss, and having to deal with the legacy placed on him.

Williams sings and creates music in his own style and for the sake of telling his heart-wrenching stories. He steered away from music for as long as he could so he could be “normal” and possibly avoid the limelight his family name would bring; however, his passion for storytelling pushed on.

Previously released track, “Can’t Fool Your Own Blood” starts with a beautiful but somber acoustic guitar that pulls you in with the first line “I think that mama is drinking again.” The rasp in his voice pulls the whole story together, as he laments about the hardships of growing up with an alcoholic mother. Meanwhile, "The World: Alone" touches on the tragic passing of his older sister.