Sam Williams “Kids” Song Review

“Kids” is the fifth track preceding the release of Sam Williams debut album Glasshouse Children set to release at the end of August. It follows the release of his previous singles like the dark and haunting “Can’t Fool Your Own Blood” as well as the song dedicated to his sister, “The World: Alone.” “Kids” provides a great contrast to his previous singles, it appears airy and light-hearted in the instrumental, but the lyricism Williams constructs still tells a mournful story.

“Kids” begins by Williams creating a scene like he’s a director of an indie coming of age film. He sings, “There’s a lot of cold money in this town. A lot of pretty girls still heartbroken over boys who go to college ‘cause there’s nothing to do but sleep, drink, cheat, and wear boat shoes.”

He also goes on to describe the visceral images of big houses with empty rooms and teenagers sneaking back into the house using the spare keys under the mat. While listening to the words, there’s an urge to recall past memories of youth. The kids featured in this story who roam the desolate streets of the small town Williams is describing, find a way to creep into every corner of the mind as the song strikes a chord.

Sam Williams

During the pre-chorus, Williams softly sings lines of distressing honesty, “I’m a liar if I say it gets better when you stick around. It never gets better if you stick around.”

Despite the forlorn story of small towns and the realities of the young people in those places, the music that lends itself to the lyrics is quite upbeat, and wistful with country star Keith Urban on electric guitar playing in the background throughout the track. It signifies a sense of dim hopefulness through it’s nostalgic nature. Through each release, Williams proves himself to be a wonderful storyteller and deeply reflective of the world around him.

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