Sarah Ryder “Halfway House” Song and Video Review

Sarah Ryder released her new song titled “Halfway House” on Friday, April 8th. Along with the emotional track, Ryder also released the accompanying music video. Both the song and the video bring to life an authentic story.

Ryder saw George Strait in concert when she was sixteen and instantly knew that music was the life for her. She grew up in Pennsylvania before moving out to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Realizing that country music was where her heart truly was, Ryder decided to move to Nashville. It was no time at all before she began meeting with fellow songwriters and performing at iconic venues like the Bluebird Café. She has released previous singles that include “Woman” and “Another Fool.”

“Halfway House” is a song perfectly suited for Ryder’s strong and mature vocals. Likening a

relationship feeling like a halfway house was a great decision on behalf of the writers. Being halfway in and halfway out of loving someone can be hard on anyone. Her voice brings back the allure of the great female singers in classic country; she is able to exude every ounce of frustration as she sings each, specific line. “We’re in a halfway house of love, where getting by is good enough, until it’s not, somebody needs more, so we both keep holding back, cause no love at all seems bad.”

The music video gives Dolly Parton-esque energy as the '70s style serves to Ryder’s favor. She walks through each room of a mansion just as aimlessly and lonely as her lyrics and sound come across. There lies a message about feeling like you have everything but you’re missing a fulfilling kind of love. The ending of the video sees Ryder finally walking out the front door of the house which embodies the feeling of freedom she must feel.

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