Sarah Ryder 'Seasons Of The Fall' Album Review

Up-and-coming in the country music genre is a singer-songwriter by the name of Sarah Ryder. Today, May 6th, 2022, Ryder released her new album titled Seasons of the Fall. With songwriting credits on 10 of the 11 tracks, this collection features Ryder’s strong, sultry, and pleasantly-presented vocals.

Buckle up because this LP has a lot to offer. The collection has a mix of everything country from slow to upbeat instrumentals, sassiness to sentimental reflection; this album covers it all.

Several tracks feature Ryder’s vulnerable side when discussing the topic of lost love such as, “Halfway House," “Break My Heart Again," “One & Only," “Snapshot Memory," and “You Ain’t Nothing but A Heartbreak." Although most of those tracks are on the slower side, “One & Only” has an island and beach-like vibe and is a little more along the lines of “it’s complicated” making it stand out from the rest.

She teases the audience with just one love-inspired track titled, “Long Fall." Ryder even touches on the topic of gratitude and urges listeners to dig a little deeper with “Pullin’ Weeds," and “Woman." Not to mention just a few up-tempo tracks which keep things moving along titled, “Another Fool," and “Get Back."

Saving the best for last, the final track on the album titled “Dance With Me” is the hidden gem. Although a bit on the slower side, the hook and melody hit just right and leave listeners with an earworm that feels familiar yet fresh.

Amongst utilizing traditional country instrumentation, including twangy steel guitar, chugging percussion, and banjo, Ryder covers all the bases.

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