Scotty McCreery “Same Truck” Album Review

Scotty McCreery released his fifth studio album Same Truck on Friday, September 17. The American Idol alum demonstrates his growth as artist, as well as a man with these 12 new tracks. McCreery fully embraces the elements that make this genre so great, all with his signature deep vibrato.

The North Carolina native is no stranger to #1 hits and #1 albums. A few of his biggest songs are “Five More Minutes,” “This Is It,” and “In Between.” The lead single off of his new LP, “You Time,” is currently high on the charts. McCreery thought he had this album complete before the COVID-19 pandemic but was proven wrong. “I loved having the extra time with my wife, Gabi, and our dog, Moose, however it also gave me a lot of time to pick up the guitar and just play for fun. I wound up writing a bunch of new songs and creating almost a whole new album from the perspective of reflecting on my last decade yet also keeping an eye towards where I want to go.”

“Damn Strait” is one of the tracks McCreery released ahead of the album’s release. An ode to his greatest inspiration, the song is about being reminded of a heartbreak over George Strait songs. “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her, That was her favorite song, She sang along every time it came on.” The other pre-released song is the love letter to his home state “Carolina To Me.” The sentimental lyrics “Everything that’s heaven to you, is Caroline to me” show how much North Carolina means to him.

Besides Carolina, the other love of McCreery’s life inspired much of his music. His wife Gabi can be thought of through the song “Home.” The idea of a home is more than a place, it can be found in the person you love. That is what McCreery sings so tenderly about. “It Matters To Her” is an up-tempo guidebook for all the guys out there. “When you pull her in close, When she’s had a bad day, When you shut up and listen, To what she has to say.”

Scotty McCreery

Title track “Same Truck” ushers in the quintessential country sound McCreery is known for. “We’re all in the same truck, headed down a different two-lane, kicking up the same dust, praying for the same rain.” This album is perfect for a drive down a favorite backroad, and “It’ll Grow On You” is the best example. Loving his small town and hoping others will too, McCreery sings “This simple life gets a hold on ya, before you know you’re trading blacktop for gravel roads.” McCreery blends the old with the new for an authentic record fit for a seasoned pro.

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