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Scotty McCreery 'Same Truck (Deluxe)' Album Review

After winning America’s hearts on season 10 of American Idol, Scotty McCreery went on to satisfy listeners by releasing albums everyone loves. In 2021, McCreery released his fifth LP Same Truck, and fans loved it. They were lucky enough to receive a deluxe version of the project on November 18, 2022. With six new tracks, listeners are in for a real treat.

The new track, “On It” starts off with a rock type of beat, with hard-hitting drums and electric guitars. This is definitely a get up on your feet and dance around type of tune. The lyrics explain how, no matter what his love interest needs, McCreery will get it done right away. “Just tell me, girl, I’m on it / I got you girl I’m on it / If you need a diamond ring down on one knee kind of moment, I’m on it / I’m on it like the red in a run-down barn / On it like the strings on this guitar / On it like the rust on your grandpa’s Chevy.”

Growing up in a small town, you get to know every nook and cranny. “Live A Little” is relatable for any listener who grew up knowing everyone and every place around them. With vivid imagery, McCreery dreams about wanting to get out of a small town, take risks, and explore new places. The lyrics are catchy and the beat will get the audience's feet tapping.