Seaforth ft. Jordan Davis “Good Beer” Song Review

Australian duo Seaforth released their brand new single “Good Beer” with Jordan Davis on Friday, January 7th; the track will act as the follow-up to the duo’s highly successful ballad from 2021 titled, “Breakups” which accumulated over 30 million streams on Spotify alone. Comprised of Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson, the singers hope to make an impact on country radio with the help of Davis.

Jordan and Thompson both grew up in Sydney, Australia, and quickly bonded over their love of songwriting. The suburb they grew up in was called Seaforth which is where they got their duo name. Early musical inspirations include fellow Australian country artist Keith Urban as well as The Beatles. The Seaforth sound ventures into the country-pop landscape, much like the sound Davis presents. The duo and Davis both enjoy hook-heavy songs that are exactly what radio stations are drawn to.

Seaforth begins the song talking about all the things they aren’t quite sure of but are proud of what they do know about. “I ain’t got no stock in Tesla / Just these 6 strings to impress ya, yeah / There’s whole lot I don’t / But I know what I know.” The core of this song is about being proud of who you are and what you love, including a cold beer. “Good beer tastes better on a Friday night / Feels different under neon lights / Long as it’s been sittin’ on ice / There ain’t a time that it don’t hit right.” Of course, beer is a universal favorite in country songs, but Seaforth and Davis manage to give this track a fresh lens.

“Good Beer” is a feel-good song that many can appreciate as the winter days drag on. The track is simplistic in the message as well as sound, and Davis’ voice paired with Seaforth’s blend in a match made in harmony heaven. Warm vocal tones and a good-time melody are all one could want in a song like this.

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