Sean Stemaly ‘Product Of A Small Town’ Album Review

Sean Stemaly is a rising artist, signed with Big Loud Records, who sources his music from his small town experiences as a country boy. His debut album Product Of A Small Town is a soulful homage to his hometown in Southern Indiana.

The album’s composition combines classic country with rock n roll and metal. Stemaly provides an enticing spin on country music with a traditional cowboy voice and experimental instrumentals. Product Of A Small Town focuses on country life, love, and living your best moments. The youthful songs that make up the album inform listeners of Stemaly as an artist, letting them know he’s just like them – a product of a small town. Leading up to the album’s release, he sent out a few tracks early to give listeners a taste of his talent. His pre-released music has surpassed over 113 million streams and continues to trend. Now fans can finally get the whole body of work that he had in store.

The leading and title track features an electric guitar shredding it alongside drumbeat blends this song into a metal and rock style instrumental accompanying country-centered lyrics and vocals. Stemaly did not hesitate at giving it all he has for his first track on the album. It’s a lively and rambunctious performance in the best way possible. “Product Of A Small Town” is sure to fire up a concert crowd.

“We’re the product of a small town / Rowdy southern drawl crowd / Muddy water mason jar lighting in our veins.”

“Comeback Town” carries a kicked-back swagger. It has a similar musical style to other parts of the album – a metallic country beat. A strong line of drums sends us off into the chorus of the track, where Stemaly sings about everything in a small country town that someone would miss if they left.

“Once you get your bare feet wet out there where the concrete grows, / you’re