Sean Stemaly “Prouduct of a Small Town” Song Review

Sean Stemaly released his latest single, “Product of a Small Town” on January 7th, 2022. This new release is the title track to his album, Product of a Small Town, which will be out in full on February 18th, 2022. Though the song was just released, it has gained over 80,000 plays on Spotify alone.

“Product of a Small Town” is a soulful homage to his hometown of Newburgh, Indiana. Stemaly grew up very close to his father who ran a land development company. While working for his dad, he discovered his love of singing. He states in a press release, “I want everybody that grew up in a small town to hear it and take pride in where they come from, crank it up and raise a beer to it”.

The single’s lyrics replicate the classic American small town, “We take a left turn past the white church / To a little piece of heaven on dirt”. “Product of a Small Town” perfectly captures the pride those have for their southern small towns, especially when stating, “We’re the product of a small town / Rowdy southern drawl crowd / Muddy water mason jar lighting in our veins.”

"Product of a Small Town" by Sean Stemaly

Stemaly’s unique “country-boy” voice makes the lyrics he sings sound completely authentic. He draws vocal similarities from idols like Jason Aldean and Alan Jackson and when listening to his single, the audience can hear the classic southern twang he carries so well.

“Product of a Small Town” is a feel-good, pride-for-the-south anthem. The tune is upbeat, the lyrics are on-point, and the singer is incredibly talented. If you enjoy this hit, his full album, Product of a Small Town, will release February 18th.

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