Seth Ennis “Hair Ties (I Don’t Wanna)” Song Review

Seth Ennis released his brand new song titled “Hair Ties (I Don’t Wanna)” on Friday, April 29th. An artist on the rise, this is the first taste of music fans will get to hear from Ennis in 2022.

The Georgia native has come a long way since his EP Mabelle was released back in 2017. He has writing credits for many well-known artists including Chase Rice, Matt Stell, Lauren Alaina, Tyler Farr, The Band Camino, and Dylan Scott. Ennis’s song for Scott “Hooked” even peaked at No. 2 on the charts. Ennis has also worked with many of Nashville’s prominent producers like Jordan Schmidt who has successfully worked with Florida Georgia Line, Morgan Wallen, and Blake Shelton.

The country-pop scene has been incorporated into much of the Nashville sound over the years. There's a growth of young artists who have been inspired by all types of genres making their own style of music. Ennis' new song is representative of that. “Hair Ties (I Don’t Wanna) has the kind of production that acts like The Chainsmokers would use. Ennis keeps a fresh take on the country genre with contemporary, pop-buzzing production. It’s an honest track about trying to get over someone, a message that resonates deep within country music.

The track has a feel-good tempo mixed with lyrics that touch on heartache. He sings, “I remember when my best friend said it takes 14 months to forget someone / Well I’m at 13 and I ain’t even close / I’m sick and tired of pulling up to a red and in the next lane there’s a white mustang / Makes me think of us pulling yours off the road.” It’s a fresh take that will be perfect for the airwaves and for listeners looking for a tune that's perfect for driving with the windows down.

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