Seven Deep Cuts From Lauren Alaina’s New Album You Need To Listen To

Country singer and American Idol alumni Lauren Alaina recently released her highly-anticipated third studio album Sitting Pretty On top Of The World. We’ve compiled seven deep cuts from the LP that you need to listen to.

1. “It Was Me” written by Alaina and Hillary Lindsey.

“It Was Me” is the perfect introduction to Alaina’s album as it marks a new beginning of self-awareness and growth. This is the song to turn on when accepting the mistakes you’ve made in the past and learning to forgive yourself.

2. “What Do You Think Of?” featuring Lukas Graham. Written by Alaina, Johan Carlson, and Asia Whiteacre.

“What Do You Think Of?” is the perfect song to put on at two a.m. when reminiscing about an old flame. Graham and Alaina’s vocals complement each other’s beautifully in this heart-wrenching breakup ballad.

3. “On Top Of The World” written by Alaina, Jordan Reynolds, and Sasha Alex Sloan.

This is the song for those who are “hitting rock bottom” but pretending they’re perfectly okay. “On Top Of The World” is relatable and has credits from famed songwriter Sasha Alex Sloan who is known for her vulnerable writing which shines here.

4. “Good Ole Boy” written by Alaina, Josh Miller, and David Garcia.

This track is for anyone who has been mistreated by someone that’s loved and revered by everyone else making the pain even worse. In this ballad, Alaina showcases her strong, emotional vocals that she’s loved for.

5. “I’m Not Sad Anymore” written by Alaina, Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose, and Lori McKenna.

“I’m Not Sad Anymore” documents the moment of finally getting over your ex and then, out of nowhere, they call you. Despite the song’s slow nature, the lyrics are worth celebrating as Alaina sings about a milestone she reached post-breakup. Veteran songwriters Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose, and Lori McKenna all helped pen this beautiful number.

6. “Change My Mind” written by Alaina, Cameron Bedell, and Seth Ennis.

The closing song on the album, “Change My Mind, is for people who contemplate going back to the person who broke their heart (and they need a reminder not to go back to them). Country up-and-comer Seth Ennis, who has also written songs for Chase Rice, Noah Schnacky, and Granger Smith, had a hand in writing this track.

7. “You Ain’t A Cowboy” written by Alaina, Casey Brown, and Parker Welling.

Song number 12 on Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World is the waltzing, old-school sounding “You Ain’t A Cowboy.” Within the lyrics, Alaina calls out a guy in her life who is self-obessed. She sings, “But you ain’t a cowboy / When cowboys head out, boy / They turn back around, boy / Settle down, boy / Come home to the woman they love.” Alaina’s vocals are angry and filled with tenacity.

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