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Seven Deep Cuts From Lauren Alaina’s New Album You Need To Listen To

Country singer and American Idol alumni Lauren Alaina recently released her highly-anticipated third studio album Sitting Pretty On top Of The World. We’ve compiled seven deep cuts from the LP that you need to listen to.

1. “It Was Me” written by Alaina and Hillary Lindsey.

“It Was Me” is the perfect introduction to Alaina’s album as it marks a new beginning of self-awareness and growth. This is the song to turn on when accepting the mistakes you’ve made in the past and learning to forgive yourself.

2. “What Do You Think Of?” featuring Lukas Graham. Written by Alaina, Johan Carlson, and Asia Whiteacre.

“What Do You Think Of?” is the perfect song to put on at two a.m. when reminiscing about an old flame. Graham and Alaina’s vocals complement each ot