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Shania Twain "Giddy Up!" Song Review

Shania Twain continues to prove she is one of country music's original Queens with her new song "Giddy Up!" The aptly titled Queen Of Me album will be available on February 3rd.

Twain, who has long been a fixture in country music as well as pop culture, came back into the spotlight in 2022. The release of her Netflix documentary Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl reopened her story to the public. It helped to remind everyone about her massive success and impact on the musical landscape. The upcoming album will be her sixth original full-length offering, her first record since 2017, and her official debut for her new label partner Republic Nashville, a division of Republic Records.

“Giddy Up!” bursts with an immediate catchy instrumental and flirtatious, fun, and energetic lyricism. Twain isn't holding anything back for the start of this new era. The uplifting, chorus is repetitive, urging Twain's positive message as she exclaims, "When it gets tough gotta get a little love / Put some up in your giddy, giddy up." A Twain song is usually complete with a confident attitude for women to identify with. It's a wonderful feeling to know that will always continue no matter what stage of life the superstar is in. </