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Shania Twain 'Queen Of Me' Album Review

On February 3rd, Shania Twain released Queen of Me. Fans have awaited an album from the country queen since she released Now in 2017. This 12-song record is hand-crafted with bold style choices and some of the original ’90s twang we all know and love.

The album kicks off with “Giddy Up!," an upbeat song for a night on the town. Feel familiar? Old Shania Twain tunes from the 90s sound similar to this modern-day radio hit. This track embodies the best way to begin a comeback album: bold, loud, and unafraid. “Brand New” slows things down. The ballad describes the details of leaving an unfit relationship. The storytelling lyrics are relatable for anyone with a broken heart, stating, “Cause you’ll always be the same old you / But I’m a brand new me.” To liven it back up, Twain leads into “Waking Up Dreaming." This feel-good, dance tune shows off Twain’s style in pop music. Listeners can tell from the vocals alone that Twain had a good time creating this song.

“Best Friend” is the new “Thank You For Being a Friend”, but with more country twang and storytelling. This song says it all: “Just remember who you got / When you feel a little lost I'll find you / I'll remind you: that's who you are / You're my best friend, that's who you are.” Next, we get “Pretty Liar," a must-listen tune on this album. Right off the bat, Twain gives us some serious sass. It is incredible how Twain can go from an entrancing love song to quickly exclaim, “You're such a fucking liar.” With a song like this, it’s hard to follow

up; however, “Inhale/Exhale AIR” was the right choice to play next on the album. This 90s and early 2000s sounding track is a breath of fresh air. If you're nostalgic for Twain’s earlier songs, “Inhale/Exhale AIR” is for you.