Six Songs Written by Shy Carter for Other Artists

Memphis, Tennessee native Shy Carter has led a multi-faceted career for some time now. As a songwriter, record producer, rapper, and singer, he has written songs for Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Sugarland, Faith Hill, and many more. In 2008, the singer-songwriter signed with Primary Wave Entertainment and released “Good Love” and “Beer with My Friends.” Here is a list of six songs that Carter has written for other artists.

1. “Heaven” by Kane Brown

“Heaven” by country star Kane Brown has been dominating country radio for some time now. Written by Carter, Matt McGinn, and Lindsay Rimes, Brown was inspired to record the song for his fiance. “Heaven” is formulated by romance and the idealogy that heaven could not beat it. In the past, Brown spoke about the song saying, “So my buddy Shy Carter started singing it to me, and his voice is amazing, but also the song just hit me and made me feel close to it. It really made me think about my fiancee. So I was like, there’s got to be other people that can relate to this song. I think lyrically the first lines are what drew me in, ‘This is perfect,’ and ‘I couldn’t dream this up even if I tried.’ I really appreciate where I am right now in my career and am so grateful to the fans for getting me to where I am today. That’s who I make music for – they have been with me since day one, and I love giving them new music as often as possible.”

2. “Someday” by Rob Thomas

Carter’s songwriting doesn’t always stay in the country genre. Written alongside Rob Thomas and Matt Serletic, “Someday” was penned in 2009 and featured on Thomas’ Cradlesong record. Released as the third single from the collection, the track reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 charts.

3. “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To” by Billy Currington

“It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To,” written by Currington, Carter, and Cary Barlowe is the only song off of Summer Forever that Currington wrote. Like a number of country songs, this single confesses the hard truth of a breakup. Currington says, “Cary and I picked up guitars at the same time and played basically the same chord, and the next thing you know, we were writing the song.” He continues, “I remember I just started saying all the words that you hear in the beginning of the song, they just started falling out.’ Shy was like, ‘What was that, man?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, it’s just coming out.’ So we wrote ’em down, and then I guess within an hour the song had basically written itself.”

4. “God Whispered Your Name” by Keith Urban

Keith Urban released “God Whispered Your Name” on March 2nd, 2020 off of his eleventh studio record The Speed of Now Part 1. Carter wrote the song with songwriters Micah Carter and James T. Slater. The single holds contemporary Christian makings blended with a pop/country landscape.

5. “Mr. Almost” by Meghan Trainor ft. Shy Carter

“Mr. Almost” depicts the toxicity of an unhealthy relationship. It’s featured on Trainor’s Title record and was written by Trainor, Carter, and Jesse Frasure, and produced by Kevin Kadish. Originally, Carter had a rap on the track while the main vocalist, Trainor sang a little doo-wap. She sings, “You were so close my Mr. Almost / All my girls say lock him down / Guys like him don’t come around / Go and pick your wedding rings / Yeah my mom thinks you’re legit / But I’m way too young for this / So I’m gonna tell you what I think.”

6. “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland

“Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland was one of Carter’s first songwriting placements. Written by Carter, Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush, and Kevin Griffin, the song was released off of their record, The Incredible Machine, in 2010. A few short years later, the song sold over two million copies.

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