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SmithField ‘New Town’ EP Review

Country duo SmithField, made up of Texas natives Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder, have been around for a decade. The two are back with their newest EP titled New Town, which marks a new chapter for the two. The EP consists of six different tracks that tell a long narrative and once again, their chemistry as a duo beams with their distinctive harmonies that can be found on every single song.

It opens with the title track, “New Town,” which achieves its goal by setting the perfect tone for the EP as a whole. This song is optimistic and the meaning behind it is refreshing; it’s about finding a new spark in a small town that is all too familiar. The spark these two seem to be singing about is a new relationship that is blooming in their hometown as they exclaim, “These stomping grounds have come alive since you and I became you and I.” At the end of each chorus, they sing, “Born and raised it won’t ever be the same now / Here with you is like I’m living in a new town.” Fielder’s vocals really shine on “New Town” as she hits high notes effortlessly creating the climax of the song. “‘New Town’ is more than a song about falling in love and having all these new experiences with somebody in this town,” Fielder says in an interview with The Nash News. “It’s our personal story too.”

The lead single for the project is track number four, “Sunday Best;” this song is undoubtedly one of the strongest tracks on the EP. The voices of a female-male duo singing this song add the emotions needed to convey the honesty in this track about seeing your significant other’s scars and accepting their baggage. This showcases a definite sense of intimacy. In the chorus they sing, “I want your Monday morning running late / You’re little too drunk on a Saturday / All the ups and downs, baby don’t leave out a thing / Give me your momma’s temper and your daddy’s edge / Every bit of you everyday beautiful mess / The side of you nobody gets to see / You don’t gotta wear your Sunday best for me.” The way their voices mesh together on this track makes it feel personal and passionate. It’s also worth noting that the piano instrumental in the beginning was a great addition.