Songs I Grew Up On: Honey County

In this edition of Songs I Grew Up On, we hear from the duo Honey County, whose new song, “Got it From My Mama,” has gone viral on Tiktok as a song that bridges generations. The song is particularly powerful for children and their mothers, featured in anything from weddings to celebrations of birthdays. In the midst of their rising popularity, Sofie and Dani talk about the songs which got them into music in the first place.

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1. “U Got it Bad” by Usher

Sophie’s first song is this 2001 hit. She mentions how “Usher has been the love of my life for a very long time.” She remembers how his style and melody were integral for how she interpreted music, as “I find his music to be so groovy,” with clear influences in her own music.

2. “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers

Dani’s first song is the one that she and her father both share. The country artist remembers how her father would play this song on the piano while she followed along. As they both played at Jammin Java, Dani and her father played the song from her childhood, bringing her connection to the song full circle.

3. Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain

Dani’s connection goes beyond just her childhood and all the way across the Pacific Ocean. She recalls her time in Tokyo when she used to create line dances with her friends from all around the world. Even if her classmates were from different backgrounds, they could always come together and create their own dances late into the night.

4. “Who I Am” by Jessica Andrews

Sophie’s second song is one close to her heart from its connection to her grandmother. She used to sing the Andrews song together with her grandmother and recounts how her mother was her biggest fan. Even today, the song “continues to inspire [her] through [her] musical journey.”

The duo ends their Songs I Grew Up On by teasing their new Christmas cover, “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?,” which was released on November 12, 2021. Even as 2021 continues, we are still expecting big things from the duo and can’t wait to hear their new music in the future.

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