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Songs I Grew Up On: Troy Cartwright

Here at The Nash News, we created an original series called Songs I Grew Up On to chat with country artists and discover what music inspired them when they were young. The charming Troy Cartwright was our first artist to kick off our new series. Cartright spoke about how important it is to grow up with music because it can provide the right words for what you are experiencing at a time when you can’t explain how you truly feel.

1. “Motorcycle Drive By” by Third Eye Blind (1997)

Troy brought up how he would take CDs from his cousin’s collection when he was a kid. He explained that music was about access during this time – there wasn't anything like Spotify yet, so he had to “borrow” CDs from others. For this Third Eye Blind song, he acknowledged its angst and noted the lyrics’ poetic nature. Something about it resonated with him as a young teen.

2. “21 Summer” by Brothers Osborne (2016)

“This track carries pure nostalgia,” said Troy. It’s a song that brings warmth to the listener and inspires him. Troy expressed his love and fascination for music that evokes feelings of nostalgia.

3. “For Nancy” by Pete Yorn (2001)

Troy recalled coming home from school and watching TRL on MTV. He noticed a “long-haired dude playing a guitar” who he later found out was Pete Yorn and thought Yorn was an iconic artist. Ever since seeing him, Cartwright has remained inspired by Yorn and keeps in touch with his work. “This song was very helpful to me,” Troy explained, referring to him finding his own path as a music artist.