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Songs I Grew Up On with Alana Springsteen

We got to celebrate the first day of summer this past Tuesday with one of our favorite country artists, Alana Springsteen, in the latest edition of Songs I Grew Up On. She’s a country singer-songwriter from Virginia Beach with some serious pipes. Her new project History of Breaking Up Part 2 comes out July 15th.

“Writing these songs was my therapy. I learned so much about myself and about love and heartbreak through writing this project,” she told The Nash News. “My goal with all of it I guess is to somehow be a small part of [the country music community’s] story. I hope it’s honest enough where you can find a piece of your truth in it and I hope it gets you through whatever you’re going through.”

According to Springsteen, the love story told over the course of the record is deeply personal, but it will still resonates with anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak or loss in love: “An incredible songwriter in town told me, ‘Sometimes the more specific you are, the more general it is to everybody’...I think it’s because you can feel their heart so strongly in it that you can put yourself in the exact same place. That’s my challenge for myself always. It’s, ‘How vulnerable can I be?’”

Springsteen admitted that it is a challenge for her because she’s not an open book. Nonetheless, she was able to truly “pour her heart out” and be completely honest in her songwriting, “It’s always been my escape from when I started writing songs when I was nine years old, and so this is my way of getting those feelings out,” she exclaimed.

So, it tracks that the music she was raised on, the music that made her the artist she is today, possesses a similar skill set: the ability to tell universal truths through individual experiences. Here are the five songs that inspired Springsteen to write and perform her own.

1. "So Small” by Carrie Underwood

Springsteen’s memories of this song and its impact on her childhood were vivid. She recalled listening to it for the first time on her bedroom floor with her iPod shuffle and her headphones in. “It’s one of her most underrated songs,” Spri