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Songs I Grew Up On with Andrew Jannakos

Many may recognize Andrew Jannakos from his appearance on the 16th season of The Voice, or from his hit debut single, “Gone Too Soon.” Jannakos is known for his silky smooth voice, and tantalizing love songs. Today, the Georgia native sat down to share three songs he grew up on with The Nash News.

1. “The Best Day” by George Strait

Jannakos connects this song with memories of camping with his father. He says, “Me and my dad spend a lot of time fishin’ and huntin’ and campin’ and working on cars and four wheelers and things like that.”

2. “I’m Gonna Miss Her” by Brad Paisley

“I love anything Brad Paisley,” shares Jannakos. He continues, "he has had a huge, huge inspiration on the music that I make today.” Jannakos notes that the catchy song has some truth to it as he and his father would often get in trouble for being out on the water too long.

3. “Country Roads” by John Denver

The singer grew up on John Denver and he describes “Country Roads” as, “one of my favorite ones,” even though he loves everything Denver does.

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