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Songs I Grew Up On with Eli Young Band

The Eli Young Band has been a fixture in country music for well over a decade. With hit songs such as "Crazy Girl," "Drunk Last Night," "Even When It Breaks Your Heart," and "Love Ain't," it's no wonder they have made an impact. Their chemistry and songwriting have taken them to heights even they probably didn't anticipate. The guys came together to share the influences and songs they grew up on.

1. "The Rising" by Bruce Springsteen

Mike Eli chose this song because of the way it shaped him as a musician. Eli shared that the band tries to incorporate rock elements in their music due to the Springsteen influence.

2. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana

This song was chosen since it "blew through the speakers before it ended." Who doesn't love that song?

3. "Graceland" by Paul Simon

This song showcases the influence that the band's parents had on them. the old-school rock had the kind of songwriting that the members gravitate to.

4. "Twice As Hard" by The Black Crowes

This song was the reason one of the members started to get into music. This band was a particular favorite.