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Songs I Grew Up On with Lewis Brice

Lewis Brice is an established country music star. Songs like “It’s You (I’ve Been Looking for)” and “Blessed” have placed him on the map. But, like every musician, he had to start somewhere. These are five of the most influential songs from throughout Lewis Brice’s life.

The first tune is called “Don’t Know Much” sung by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville. Ronstadt is a household name for many, so it’s not surprising that she appears on Brice’s influential song list. He says that his, “ would always ride around town with that record on”, so it was a big part of his childhood. Off of Rondstadt’s album, this was his favorite track and he would always sing as loud as he could when it was on.

“Lonesome Dove” by Garth Brooks is the next track that Brice mentioned. When explaining why, he said, “For me, I’m really intrigued by the story… a wild, wild west story that made it relevant and a really interesting song.”

Next, Lewis Brice picked his brother Lee’s song, “I Drive Your Truck”. Jokingly, he explains it’s on the list because he “drove the truck in the video”, but further explains that it’s because of the song’s quality. He says it’s “a strong song and well-written song.”

The next tune steps out of the country genre. Fuel, a rock band from the early aughts, has a song called “Hemorrhage”. Brice explains that it’s a “well-written song about a deep subject," and that it was the first time he ever learned a rock ‘n roll song. “Hemorrhage” is not only important to him, but it’s also important to the entire country music scene as this is the song that made him realize he wanted to be a musician.

The last song he picked is one of the world’s most famous covers. Originally by Wayne Cochran, “Last Kiss” was covered by The Cavaliers in 1964 and by Pearl Jam in 1998. Lewis Brice explains that the Pearl Jam cover calls to him because of how sad the subject matter is, but how happy the song sounds.